The Naperville Private Residence

The existing landscape was original to the home, which was built in 2008. The functional expectations of the Client were cooking, dining and relaxation in a private setting.

The design intent was to create programmed exterior rooms that mirrored the interior room functions, so as to create a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. We designed three separate patios with non-formal stepper paths to achieve the functions of cooking/dining, lounging/relaxation and privacy. Unifying elements of wood, pavers and natural stone were introduced to all three spaces to give a feeling of cohesion.

We located the outdoor kitchen on the north side. It was positioned so as to allow for interaction between cook and guests. The south wall of the island was raised and finished with a separate granite top for barstool seating. An overhead pergola with lattice wall was installed for shade, privacy and space definition. Main dining was laid out immediately south of the island for functionality and close proximity to main door.

The lounge was located adjacent to the interior living room. The room housed a fireplace that mirrored the interior living room fireplace in both aesthetic and materials. Its location was chosen for interior viewing purposes and to increase privacy from the neighboring lot. An overhead pergola structure was installed to provide shade, and to further define the space.

The homes’ footprint allowed us to partially hide the private terrace from main entertainment space. By tucking it away, this left us the room we needed for our lush viewing garden. A lattice screen was added to create privacy and visually unify the three spaces.

The garden is centered with a water pot/annual planter feature, located on axis of the private terrace and lounge/dining terraces respectively. Spaced steppers were installed to allow for a pass through from private to main entertainment areas. A long natural outcropping wall wrapped from lounge to private terrace, harmonizing the hardscape elements and appropriately defining the interior garden space.